Independent Toy Specialists of Australia


Who are the members of ITSA?
ITSA members are retail stores with physical locations. Please refer to the store locator button in the navigation pane for details relating to our member stores.

Can online only stores join ITSA?
No, retailers must have a bricks & mortar shopfront.

How do I become a member of ITSA?
Contact us via the Contact Us option on the navigation panel.

Who are the suppliers of ITSA?
ITSA transacts with preferred suppliers who are listed in the Supplier page.

What kinds of suppliers does ITSA have?
ITSA preferred suppliers cover all product aspects of the average toy centre.
ITSA is always looking for unique and exclusive products for our members’ stores, and we’re always interested in suppliers who intentionally avoid dealing with major corporations and choose to transact with truly independent retailers.

How do I enquire about becoming a supplier to ITSA?
Apply via the Contact Us option on the navigation panel.